All in A-Chord Barbershop Quartet

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About Us

All in A-Chord is a Mixed Voices Barbershop Quartet,  that specializes in the "Good Old Songs" from yesteryear as well as Barbershop adaptations of new and modern songs of today. 
Our Quartet Members are:

Bill McCarty - Lead

Roberta Keith - Tenor

Ben Buckman - Bass

Dr. Raphael Pazo, Jr. - Baritone

Our Mission

We strive to perform the art of Barbershop Quartet Music in its purest form.  We aim to sing to our public, family and friends, and with our music, enhance any special event.  We are available to perform at weddings, celebrations of life (funeral, memorial or committals), birthdays and anniversaries, private parties, or any other event that requires the elegance and distinction of Barbershop Quartet Music.
To book and event, please contact:
Dr. Raphael Pazo, Jr.
Phone: (209) 345-8072 (Mobile/Text/Voice Mail)
We look forward to answer any questions, and listen to your suggestions and ideas!

Our History

On Tuesday, June 11th, 2013, three of us, (Roberta {Dishneau} Keith -Tenor, Ben Buckman -Bass and Raphael Pazo - Baritone) began singing as a trio, without a Lead singer.  That experiment proved quite successful as we discovered that our three voices just naturally harmonized.
Chapter President, Al Wolter, who often "filled-in" as Lead singer, suggested that we invite Danny Young, a member of the Stockton Portsmen, who has a very unique and powerful Lead voice. Six weeks later, on Monday, July 15th, 2013 we had our first rehearsal as a quartet a week later on July, 15, 2013 at Raphael house in Lodi. 
Since then, we meet regularly to rehearse and practice our music and ever-expanding repertoire.

The One and Only
Original Polecat Singer!



All In A-Chord Barbershop Quartet
Together in Harmony since 2013

Copyright 2013

Dr. Raphael Pazo